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Priyesh sinha is a popular Indian Actor, Stand-up comedian & Anchor,

Among his many achievements are that he was 2009 winner of ”Hasi Ka Ankada” on Mahuaa, participant in “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3” in 2007 on Star one and has also performed in more than 4000 episodes on TV and more than 1250 shows throughout India in the past 10 years. Lately he has been exploring his acting passion in Pollywood films as a lead actor.

He is a great stand-up comedy writer,he understands principles of comedy and is counter-intuitive.He is actually good at writing engaging and hilarious material without using techniques or formulas..

He's successful because he has a natural and intuitive sense of humour ..he so effortlessly expresses himself through his comedy that he has reached this high point in his career.

As for his background he at a very young age completed his Engineering from Jaipur and shifted to Mumbai to try his passion which by God's grace bore fruit and he was featured in lot of TV shows.

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PRIYESH SINHA - Actor, Stand-up Comedian & Anchor

E-mail: priyeshsinha8@gmail.com E-mail: priyeshsinha43@gmail.com


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